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waterproof is doing by nanoimpregnation

waterproof is doing by nanoimpregnation

Natural rock foil or stone veneers, also known as ROCKFOIL is truly natural (genuine stone) decorative material gained out of solid blocks of slate and quartzite quarries by using a special technology. Consequently, the material gained is treated in a factory. Various kinds of polyester resins with glass fiber microarmature ( so-called fibreglass mesh ), transparent resin or polyester armature with a special nano fabric are used as supporting and fixation material of finished rock foils ( stone veneers ) in a sheet format.

For a variety of applications, rock foils which with adhesive layer have been appearing on the market. These are suitable for prompt directly use. Polyester resin is applied in several thin layers into monolithic surface of block of rock. After fixation and consequent tearing away, a 1-3mm layer of true stone monolith fixed by the flexible resin armature is created. However, not every sort of slate or quartzite, is suitable for producing stone foils. There are dozens of sorts of natural rock foils in many various formats for various use in our offer.

According to attributes and use, rock foils are also generally known as : stone veneer, stone wallpapers, ultrathin stone tiles, flexible stone, thin slate veneer, translucent stone, light stone tiles, adhesive stone tiles, ultrathin stone, curved stone tiles, etc.

There is a wide range of kinds/formats/qualities of the products we offer. The basic section is called „RETAIL STANDARD". The basic supplied format is 1220mm x 610mm with the thickness of 1 - 3mm which is usually used as wall tiles in various residential and representation rooms, bathrooms, spas, kitchens, living rooms, but also in exteriors for facades, fences, gates, etc. This type of rock foils is very strong.

The basic format is possible to saw into various shapes and dimensions according to the inventions of architect, designer or customer´s requirements. The variability of formats, texture and colouring enables immense range of possibilities in combining with glass, metals, etc.

Some kinds of rock foils are possible to be supplied in formats up to 1050mm x 2100mm, 900mm x 2900mm, 1200mm x 2400mm. Large format rock foils are possible to be used even as monolithic natural stone pictures or for instance as a decorative overlapping TV panel. Application of rock foil as solid stone tiling of front or interior doors or sliding doors of rooms or wardrobes has been becoming very popular. Thanks to unique layers of rock, every piece of rock foil is an inimitable original with a permanent value.

Another sort of rock foil is fixed on a translucent resin with the possibility of using backlight and creating of lighting rock pictures and other unique design solutions in ultrathin formats. This sort is included in „RETAIL TRANSLUSCENT ". It is suitable for decorating bars, hotel receptions, staircases, ceilings and many other both private and commercial or public spaces. This type of rock foil is a relative fragile and some applications inquire backside construction support.

Ultrathin flexible foils "RETAIL ULTRAFLEX" (ultraflex - extreme flexible) with the thickness of only about 0,5mm can be used not only as a decoration of interiors and exteriors, but also as an element of some fashion accessories.
Ultrathin rock foils are unusually extremelly flexible and therefore well usable for lining of pipes, pillars and columns or corrugated surface ( wave 3D applications ), but construction of sheets is a strong and similar with a STANDARD types.

Rock foils (stone veneers) are the thinnest and the lightest natural rock tiling material with the weight only about 1-2kg/sqm. Thanks to extremely low structural weight, strength and extreme flexibility, the rock foils are possible to be used for lining columns and hardly available places. Rock foils can be even glued directly on very light structures or eventually on old wallpapers or light weight constructed dry walls and partition walls, etc...

Before or after application, it is possible to treat the surface of this material with impregnation for stone surfaces according to the requirements of the final design (gloss, matt, wet looking surface, darkening, highlighting of texture, ...). Some kind of stone impregnations are highly aromathic chemicals. Therefore, they are not suitable for applying in residential areas and it is good to use them in well aired workshop. After reacting of impregnation with micropores of the stone surface and consequent evaporation of volatile ingredients there is no unpleasant smell anymore.

The work with rock foils is not physically demanding and it is light for manipulation and transport in an ordinary car. Therefore, it does not require any special transport conditions or any expensive application tools or equipment. An ordinary wall application in a flat is easy to be made by using simple tools and minimal costs. For a skillful handyman it is a piece of cake to apply the rock foil on the wall. Furniture application, however, requires certain experience and craftsmanship.

If you are not sure about your skillfulness, we will be glad to prepare, impregnate and glue the rock foils for you. 



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